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EGRET 40/24 Bright Centrifugal 50/24 Bright Centrifugal 50/24 Bright Continuous 75/24 Bright Centrifugal 75/24 Bright Continuous 75/24 Dull Continuous 100/38 Bright Centrifugal 100/38 Dull Centrifugal 100/38 Bright Continuous 120/30 Bright Centrifugal 120/30 Dull Centrifugal 120/30 Bright Continuous 120/30 Dull Continuous 150/30 Bright...

DENİZLİPEK 300 Denye Teksture Turlu Polyester300 Denye Teksture Turlu Optik Beyaz300 Denye Teksture Renkli Turlu Polyester150 Denye Muzip Polyester İplik    TAÇ 300 Denye Parlak Polyester300 Denye Altın Sarısı Polyester300 Denye Renkli Polyester300 Denye Teksture Polyester300 Denye Teksture Optik Beyaz300 Denye Teksture Renkli Polyester150 Denye...

POLYESTER Sewing Threat 40/2 – 120 No Beyaz Dikiş İpliği40/2 – 120 No Siyah Dikiş İpliği40/2 – 120 No Renkli Dikiş İpliği20/2 – 50 No Beyaz Dikiş İpliği20/2 – 50 No Siyah Dikiş İpliği20/2 – 50 No Renkli Dikiş İpliği36 No Beyaz Dikiş İpliği36 No Siyah Dikiş İpliği36 No Renkli Dikiş İpliği   TEXTURISED Sewing Threat COTTON Sewing Threat

FLUSH EMBROIDERY THREAD No. 30 Viscose White Embroidery Thread No. 30 Viscose Black Embroidery ThreadNo. 30 Viscose Colored Embroidery Thread. POLYESTER EMBROIDERY THREAD No. 30 Polyester Embroidery Thread 60/2 - No. 180 Embroidery Bottom Thread

DENİZLİPEK Viscose Spun Yarn 36/1 1650 Turlu Viskon İplik S-Z28/1 Viskon İplik20/2 Viskon İplik16/1 Viskon İplik   & Viscose Fibre

DENİZLİPEK export  cotton linter  from Turkey to factories which produce viscose filament yarn and viscose fibre in China. Turkey produce 60.000 tons of cotton linter per year.

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